d.o.b. 22.05.2013

Interchampion (C.I.E.)
Multi Junior Champion
Multi Champion
Bundesjugendsieger `2014
German Junior Winner `2014
Benelux Junior Winner `2014
Polish Junior Champion
German Junior Champion
Luxembourg Junior Champion
Ukrainian Junior Champion
Polish Champion
German Champion (VDH)
Lithuanian Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Slovak Champion
Ukrainian Champion
Cruft`s Qualification from UK - for all life
1 in Junior Class - European Dog Show Brno `2014
2 in Open Class - World Dog Show Milano`2015
3th in Open Class - Championship Show Malvern `2015
5th in Open Class - Championship Show Malvern `2017
Polish Club Winner `2014
Benelux Winner `2016
Grand Prix Slovakia Winner `2016
BIS Junior, IV BIS Junior, BOG x 2, II BOG x 1,
Multi BOB & Multi BOB Junior
CACIB x 7, res.CACIB x 3

PRA - clear
FN - carrier
AON - clear
AMS - clear
HD A - dysplasia free
Patellas - 0/0
PRA, RD, Cataracta, Glaucoma - clear (certificate ECVO 28.03.2017)
DNA profile

She is like a beautiful porcelain doll with her subtle look, full of sweetness. Fragile and delicate, a sensitive creature
with a romantic soul. Subtle and full of amazing grace with a contrasting and funny "thick bark"
which completely does not fit her.

Phoebe - a sorceress - she bewitched me from birth and even though I could sell her many times, I did not want to and
stubbornly looked for the show home, believing that such a beauty does not happen too many times and she can`t be wasted on
the proverbial "couch".In time while she was growing, this conviction that it was the right decision grow stronger and
stronger in me. So I looked and looked, and then I found the perfect one, the dreamy show home, exactly like I wanted...
but... it was my own. Even though I fought with it for a long time, now I know, that it was the best decision - a jackpot.

Phoebe being only 3 years old has won lots and lots of very prestigious show titles, even such that never ever before were
won by a polish cocker spaniel - and for sure she will not end her show carrier for a long time. So she is my great
pride and joy - she became one of the best possible advertisements and showcases of the kennel.

But not only her show accomplishments are my joy and pride - her beauty and charm are a balm for my soul every day.
I love watching her - how she moves, her anatomy, beauty and undoubtful charm... looking at her I feel like the faith gave me a
"star from the sky" exclusively for me. Every day I simply am happy that I have her.

Phoebe has also is very kind, sweet natured, very calm and laid back - she is incredibly good natured and very lovely, she
is a true "Little Lady". What is more she is non-conflicting to other dogs. Even when she got into a fight with her
cousin Megan, which she loved very much and with which she has a very strong bond, but the girls were the same age,
so one day
"like all teenagers" they just got into a fight, but there was no aggression or anger in it. Their fight looked
comically, just two sweet girls pretending that they know how to fight, but really they harmlessly pounded with their
paw sand making a lot of noise.

She is very subtle in showing her feelings. Never crossing the line or being rude. Never making any attempts to make
me mad at her. It is impossible not to love her, not to like her. Because she is just perfect, just perfect... ideal...

My star from the sky that fallen and... stayed with us.