d.o.b. 17.12.2013

Polish Junior Champion
Lithuanian Junior Champion
Romanian Junior Champion
Ukrainian Junior Champion
Polish Junior Club Winner `2014
Polish Champion
Lithuanian Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Ukrainian Champion
Cruft's Qualification `2016
5th in Yearling Class - Championship Show Malvern `2015
3th in Open Special Class - Championship Show Malvern`2017
excellent - World Dog Show Milano `2015
CACIB x 3, res.CACIB, Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH
Multi BOB Junior & BOS

PRA - clear
FN - clear
HD A - dysplasia free
0/0 - patellas free
PRA, RD, Cataracta, Glaucoma - clear (certyfikate ECVO 15.04.2016)
DNA profile

She is the next proof that I do not choose the dogs, that are going to stay in the kennel, but my DOGS choose if they want
to stay in the kennel ;). And that is how it was with Shilla. I did not plan to keep her because two beautiful black girls
where born the same year in the kennel. Why would I want another young bitch? Did not make any sense! But it is fruitful
to defy the decisions made by my dogs... and the fate decisions. Shilla was not going to switch this home for any other,
and so... obviously got what she wanted. Even the husband - who at first for a long time rapped out, "Why do we need another
dog in the house" - was bought... How did she do it?... I do not know. Anyway... I am not able to do so. She is that clever.
This way, our spaniel home went "black" really, really "black"...

She was nicknamed "Blob" by my Aunt. And that's because she starts trusting strangers after... 3 days. It is not at all from
her timid nature, but just "humanely" as a child she is shy about strangers. She flees, avoids, hides, peeks out from behind
the sofa or around the corner - literally. Covers eyes with her paws- like a little child, pushing the nose under them,
and if she could, she would hide in the  mouse hole. She is that kind of a peculiar personality.

As it turned out, this girl does not lack ambition. She did not let, even for a second for me to regret the decision to
keep her in the kennel. On her first ever dog show she absolutely was not a "blob", but with grace and swank showed in
the ring, just like she wanted to tell "I did not felt out from under any chickens tail, I have very impressive award-winning
ancestors and I am their worthy descendent" by which she bewildered not only me but also my husband. She beautifully gained
really important title for the kennel The Junior Club Winner '2014 - just like her unique mother
Suri - DOUBTLESSS ONLY ONE Xilander two years earlier.

        Nonetheless in case of beauty she does not resemble her mother Suri, but her English father,
gorgeous black and tan Sh Ch GB Molkara Magician - Derek who is the most winning dog in the history of black and tan dogs
in England. So regardless I am very happy that Shilla did not want to change homes, and Providence once again took things
in to his hands. That is why she is with us.   It is my exceptional "Blob".