d.o.b. 05.02.2012

Polish Junior Champion

Polish Champion

Romanian Champion

Ukrainian Champion

Lithuanian Champion

BOB x 2, BOS x 5, CACIB x 3

CAC x 1 (Slovakia)

Best Junior in Breed

Best Puppy in Breed

PRA - clear
FN - clear
AON - clear
AMS - clear
HD A - dysplasia free
PRA, RD, Cataracta, Glaucoma - clear (certificate ECVO 15.04.2016r.)
DNA profile

At home he is called "Prince Rudolph". That is all thanks to his character - proud, calm, sedate.
Very careful and keeping distance to the world. He holds to the rule: first check - than believe.
He’s very sociable and cheerful. On top of that he’s very friendly, gentle and sweet.
Submissive to older dogs, self-confident to his peers, but never causes trouble and keeps away from fights.
A real Englishman and aristocrat to the bone.

Rudolph has a great and elite parentage.
He’s the son of our golden Int.Ch. Multi Ch. IVETTE Quattropades
and the so beautiful dog Sh.Ch.GB BOB Cruft’s 2012 Canigou ROCKET SCIENCE,
form one of the best kennel in England and in the World.
One month after Rudolph was born, his father won the title Best of Breed on the top prestige show
in England and in the World - Cruft’s '2012, competing with 414 other English Cocker Spaniels.
It is the first and only one direct use of this special breeding line in Poland
and the only offsprings of this wonderful English dog in Poland and in Europe too.
It was a great honor and a reason to be proud that I could mate my bitches
in this wonderful breeding with 46 years old tradition belonging to Patrycia and Steve Bentley - CANIGOU.
This breeding is well known and respected in the whole World.
One of the results these unique matchmaking is just my Rudolph.

He reminds me of my beloved Figaro - Doubtless CONFIDE IN ME,
I hope that he will follow the footsteps… and more precise the "powsteps" of his great forefathers.
He’s my great breeding and show hope. My "Golden Treasure".