d.o.b. 18.12.2010

Interchampion (C.I.E)

Multi Champion

Belarus Junior Champion

Polish Champion

Luxembourg Champion

Romanian Champion

Lithuanian Champion

Ukrainian Champion


CACIB x 5, res.CACIB x 2

HD A - dysplasia free
PRA, RD, Cataracta, Glaucoma - clear (certyfikate ECVO 15.04.2016)

The oasis of calmness and balance. Obedient, disciplined and polite.
Never has caused and never causes any trouble.
She doesn’t grizzle, whine or whimper- always pleased, cheerful and conciliatory. In one word - THE IDEAL DOG.
She’s conciliatory toward other dogs and always gets along with every dog in the pack.
Still, she can defend her position, if one of the dogs crosses the boundries.

She was born in a long expected litter, after ten years break in my breeding,
on a snowy December night 2010. It was a mating of my dreams:
my golden Int.Ch. Multi Ch. BOB IVETTE Quattropedes with a dog of an exceptional beauty,
comming from one of the best breedings in the world - Int. Ch. Multi Ch. BIS Charbonnel DESERT GOLD.
Thanks to this match Duschka is inbreeding for one of the most titled dogs in England’s history
- Sh.Ch.GB Top Cocker of England 2000&2001 Charbonel WARLORD.

Duschka was the most go - ahead and the strongest girl in the litter,
what made me call her Doda and mark her with a pink ribbon.
I didn’t plan to keep her in my kennel, but one of her sisters.
But she has decided to stay with us and... did all she could to get it her way. And she did!
My beloved "the Good little Ghost".