25th February 2019

Well, we boast about babies born on February 17, 2019.
The father is Milton - Withiflor PAPERBACK WRITER, the mother Shilla - SHE'S A MAGICIAN Xilander.
After not too long, but deep reflecion (we had some different plans for Shillka, but the girl did us a "trick" and this
time she had "latent" heat, it was detected only thanks to the noses of our boys, unfortunately too late to be able
to organize anything) we decided to repeat the combination with Milton, because the first litter of this pair was
born puppies of exceptional beauty.
Three showed dogs win prizes at shows: golden Fredziu FIRST TO FIGHT in Russia and two black girls in France:
Unfortunately, the beautiful black and tan dog from this FIRST EDITION litter is not showed .
We had hope on a black-and-tan puppy again, because for years we have been unsuccessfully "trying to get such a bitch",
but unfortunately this time we were not given ...
But it does not matter! We are really happy because we have beautiful, healthy puppies of two boys:
golden and black and 3 girls: two golden and one black.
Our 100g black "chickens" feel great and grows well - at the age of 7 days weighs 218g.
Mama, who is a magician, conjured up for them the "magic" names .
More information in PUPPIES .

24th February 2019

The Ginger sons are 9 week now. Finally, I mobilized myself to make serious photos of them sitting and in standing.
You can see in PUPPIES GALLERY .

17th February 2019

New puppies were born . And such a tiny baby weighing only 100 g.
More information soon .

19th January 2019

Beautiful pictures of dogs from our kennel !!!
We would like to thank all the owners of the puppies from us!!! .
And we ask for more and more, because it is a great joy for us .

Our beloved little heart Leo¶ - SO FUNNY Xilander .

Oscar - ONE STEP CLOSER Xilander - he got name like a daddy .

Milton - ONE MORE TRY Xilander - he got name after his "uncle" .

Tango - SO TASTY Xilander he lives in Lithuania.

Gucci - GOLDEN NUGGET Xilander ready for winter. .

Toffie - SUPERB AS EXIGE Xilander loves to walk.

12th January 2019

National Dog Show in Brodnica (Poland)

What a great start to the show season 2019!!!!

Blondie finished Polish Champion title

Judge of breed: Mirosław Olejnik (PL) . Judge in group: Galyna Kalinichenko (UA).
Happy .




9th January 2019

New pictures of ginger's puppies at the age 3 week from the litter after Milton & Ginger born 18th December 2018 in

6th January 2019

The true story about the little Leo¶...

Leo¶ was born in a litter on June 3, 2018. I fought for him for 3 weeks, and it was not an easy time ... Time of sleepless
nights, nurturing and great stress.
The first week was the worst, I hardly slept, and three times I thought I was losing him and cried holding his tiny body,
so small it fit into my hand .... begging ... "don’t do this to me !!!"
And he didn’t do it...!
My sweet, wonderful, unique boy had an incredible amount of fight in him and together ... together we did not give in to
the despicable Death, which lurked to take him away.
My marvellous Leo¶ !
He was born with cleft palate. First it was really small, only on the back on the soft palate. I noticed it when he was
five days old.
Unfortunately, when he started to grow and he was 2 months, and then 3 months ... it began to grow and enlarge - also on
the hard palate
He undergo the first operation at the age of 3 months ... A week after the operation it did not look good ... definitely
worse than before ....
More sleepless nights, many consults, conversations, looking for someone knew what to do and how to operate ... and this
fear ... Is it really possible to fix it, so that he would be a healthy, normal dog ... ???
And the second surgery ... I entrusted Leos to the doctor Władysław Parzęcki (Center Clinic in Bydgoszcz) and ... IT WAS
No words could tell how much I, Leo¶ and Leos Caretakers are thankful ...
There are some stories in life that have a happy ending ... such as mine ...
Dog breeding has its ups and downs, and although lately there were definitely more of the latter, it was Leos's story that
gave me strength and faith that what I do, I do well and that it is worth it ... that it is always worth fighting
to the very end and not give up, because Death can be overcome!
It is possible! It worked out!
And you can see below a living proof of my greatest victory ... . Happy with the first Christmas in his life .

Happy New Year 2019 for all my Friends and sympathizers of my breeding !!!