d.o.b. 12.07.2011

European Junior Winner '2012 + Best Junior in Breed

Interchampion (C.I.E)

Multi Junior Champion

Multi Champion

Polish Club Junior Winner '2012 + Best Junior in Breed

Polish Junior Champion

Ukrainian Junior Champion

Lithuanian Junior Champion

Romanian Junior Champion

Polish Champion

Luxembourg Champion

German Champion (VDH)

Slovak Champion

Lithuanian Champion

Romanian Champion

Ukrainian Champion

1 in Champion Class - World Dog Show Milano`2015

2 in Open Special Class - Championship Show Malvern`2015

II BIS Junior, BOG, II BOG x 2, III BOG, IV BOG x 4

Multi BOB & Multi BOB Junior

CACIB x 9, res.CACIB x 6

CACA x 2 (Austria), CAC x 1 (Belgia)

PRA - clear
FN - clear
HD A - dysplasia free
PRA, RD, Cataracta, Glaucoma - clear (certyfikate ECVO 15.04.2016)

A volcano of energy and ideas, an ubiquitous fizgig. Curious of everything. The house is full of her.
Loving and faithful but not showing her feelings too much, a bit mistrustful to strangers.
Jaunty and sometimes even feisty to other dogs, constantly provoking...luckly harmless fights.
On top of that she’s very proud and haughty… I suppose, that’s because she’s aware of her value and beauty.

She’s a child of love. I planned the mating of my wonderful Int.Ch. Multi Ch. EZA Hezjoda
with Int.Ch. Multi Ch. Doubtless CONFIDE IN ME for later, but her parents and the Provdence decided someting different
and it turned out to be a great proof of the care of Providence.

She was born on a beautiful day in July 2011 through a caesarean section nad she was the only pup in this litter.
From the day she was born, she has been admired and loved by everyone, who saw her.
At home she is called „Princess Suri”.
From the day of her birth I knew that the star was born and that she will stay in my kennel…
and I wasn’t wrong. Suri has won many titles and and a lot of Championships.
As the first English Cocker Spaniel breeded in Poland and from Poland, Suri won the title
European Junior Champion '2012 & Best Junior in Breed.

Just as her mother Eza - she's my proud and joy....
Only a bigger one because... breeded by me.