10.04.2013 - 27.06.2015

Polish Junior Champion

Ukrainian Junior Champion

Polish Champion

Ukrainian Champion

BOG II, BOB, Multi BOB Junior, CACIB

Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH (Niemcy) x 3

PRA - carrier
FN - clear
HD - C

She is a  real sweetheart that looks into my eyes with devotion. Very sensitive and mostly calm, sometimes even anemic
in her behaviors. This is why at home we re-named her "The Claw" or "Weeds", but if I would have to explain the etymology
of those names it would by long and tricky...

    The biggest foodie in our doggie family and the only our dog that sees no limits in this matter. Only in this she resembles
her mother Duschka, because apart from this trait, she is nothing like Duschka, not in beauty nor in character.

     Eager to play with her cousins - especially with younger Shilla, but sometimes a little bit of an individualist - a loner.
She essentially knows her place in the pack and does not question it, but she distinctly sees to it that a month younger
cousin Phoebe would not queen over her. So sometimes when the dispute between the youngsters go way to far,
I have to get the girls in line.

      She was born specially for me in the litter. And it was so because of two reasons: First - it was the first litter
in the kennel, where the second generation of "Xilanders" where born. Second - the next day I had to say goodbyes
to my dearest Figaro - Doubtless CONFIDE IN ME and because of it, all of the puppies in the litter got their
names in his honor. From the beginning I planned to keep one of the 4 girls in the kennel.
From the moment of birth Megan stood out and draw the eye with doubtless personal charm, sweetness and beautiful anatomy.
The only reason for my hesitation was her hypersensitivity to new stimuli. Fortunately as it turned out,
this hypersensitivity could be overrun, and the proof of that is her dog show successes. 

    She grow up in to a lovely girl, but unfortunately a little bit in the shadow of her beautiful cousin Phoebe.
She has great anatomy, wonderful pedigree based on the best English lines and she is my big breeding hope.
   The dearest "Weeds" in the world.