I'm so, so, so.....  happy and so proud !!!!!

Just before Christmas I got the fantastic news from FCI My IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) received International Champion of Beauty (C.I.B.) already in August 2011 at the International Dog Show in Uzhgorod (Ukraine). The same at the International Dogs Show in Minsk (Belarus) Ivette has become International Show Champion (C.I.E.). She is the first polish golden English Cocker Spaniel bitch with C.I.B. & C.I.E. titles !!! This is really wonderful moments for me....


My pride and joy - C.I.B.&C.I.E. Multi Ch. IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) - 3 years old



International Dog Show 2 x CACIB Minsk (Belarus) - 26 and 27 th November 2011

We had a wonderful weekend :).  My both golden girls - mother IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) and daughter DESERT LIONESS Xilander (FCI) - showed well.
On the first day my
IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) received CAC+res.CACIB. DESERT LIONESS Xilander (FCI) - JCAC + Best Junior. Judge: Valeria Bobikova (from Russia)
On the second day my
IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) received CAC+res.CACIB=CACIB and she finished Champion Internationale of Beauty C.I.B. !!! She is the first polish golden Englih Cocker Spaniel bitch with C.I.B. title and Champion of Belarus too.  DESERT LIONESS Xilander (FCI) received another JCAC. My young girl became Junior Champion of Belarus !!! It was the second show in her life. Judge: Andrzej Stepinski (from Poland).
I'm very proud and happy!!!



International Dog Show Poznań (Poland) - 22 th October 2011

Wonderful debut our DESERT FLOWER Xilander (FCI)  in junior class.  She won and received title Junior Winner and Best Junior of Breed . She started Polish Junior Champion. I'm very proud of my little girl. Judge: Malgorzata Lorenc (Poland)


Thanks for photos Dina and Deeno


2th September 2011 - what a wonderful day
.We had the special guests. Came to visit us "our" Florcia - DESERT FLOWER with Tomek and Rozia - DESERT JEWEL with Ania&Patryk. It was a truly, family meeting: three sisters: Florcia - DESERT FLOWER, Rozia - DESERT JEWEL and Duschka - DESERT LIONESS, mother Lilly - IVETTE Quattropedes and grandfather Figaro - Doubtless CONFIDE IN ME.  Everyone - people and dogs - played great

Three sisters - from left Desert Flower, Desert Jewel i Desert Lioness

Family - from left: mother Ivette Quattropedes, grandfather Doubtless Confide In Me,
 Desert Jewel, Desert Flower i Desert Lioness

Florcia - DESERT FLOWER in move                       Florcia - DESERT FLOWER by standing

Duschka - DESERT LIONESS by standing                                    Rózia - DESERT JEWEL by standing         

We are meeting - Duschka, Rózia i Florcia

We are playing...

Flying dogs                                                  Duschka with her favorite friesbie


International Dog Show Uzghorod (Ukraine) 2 x CACIB - 13 & 14th August 2011

First day - judge: Vladimir Piskay (Slovakia) - IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) received res.CAC and res.CACIB.

Second day - judge: Malgorzata Supronowicz (Poland) - IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) received CAC, res.CACIB.


Special Show of The Huntig Breeds CAC UA - 13th August 2011

The same stake but another judge and  IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) received CAC, BOS and BOB !!! Judge: Atilla Kelemen from Romania.



International Dog Show Druskieninkai (Lithuania) - 5th August 2011

My Lilly - IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) - finished her next championship. She is Champion of Lithuania now

Judge: Liam Moran from Ireland.


National Dog Show Gdynia (Poland) - 10 th July 2011

Wonderful debut of our DESERT FLOWER Xilander (FCI) - Florcia. In puppy class she received "very promising", The Best Puppy title and super description: "Perfectly developed for his age, size and proportions of unqualified, beautiful feminine head - both in proportions and in the expression, well carried and set tail, excellent bone, compact rate, well angulated hind legs, front within the normal range, in excellent coat species, well-prepared for the exhibition". Judge: Renata Niklasiewicz /Poland - kennel Renmil's Dream. I'm very happy for it


National Dog Show Kalisz (Poland) - 12 th June 2011

The second show DESERT JEWEL Xilander (FCI). In baby class she received "very promising" and Best Beby title again. Judge Aleksander Skrzyński (Poland).

Her description: "Pretty, very promising, dynamic and free movement, head, pigment and teeth unreservedly, good in motion and posture".


We have very promising and sweet golden girl FOR SALE!!!

DESERT LIONESS Xilander (FCI) born 18th Dezember 2010. Her parents are my Multi Ch. Ch.PL, Ch.LUX, Ch.RO, Ch.RO Cum Laudae, Ch. UA, Grand Ch. UA  IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI), and Int.Ch. Multi Ch. Ch. LUX, FR, BEL, NL, SW  Charbonnel DESERT GOLD. On photos she is 6 months old.




International Dog Show Łódź - 8th May 2011

Wonderful debut DESERT JEWEL Xilander (FCI) - Rózia. In baby class she received "very promising",
The Best Baby title and great description:
"perfect proportions, bone and coat; beautiful head, ears, eyes; teeth correctly, the correct move". Judge: Jimmy Hogan (Ireland). I'm very satisfied for it




International Dog Show Satu Mare (Romania) - 2 x CACIB - 16 & 17th April 2011

First day - judge Petru Muntean (Romania) - my IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) received CACL and CACIB and BOS

Second day - judge: Tamas Jakkel (Hungary) - IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) received CACL - she is Champion of Romania CUM LAUDAE now






Puppies are 4 months old 





International Dog Show Luxembourg - 27th March 2011

What a start to the 2011 show season !!! Both my girls: black EZA Hezjoda and golden IVETTE Quattropedes - my  Int.Ch. Muti Ch. Doubtless CONFIDE IN ME  daughters - won their classes. My EZA on 8 females! Both my girls are Champion of Luxembourg now. Eza is the champion of 5 countries - she is  Multichampion now.  I'm very proud of them  Was 106 English Cocker Spaniels. Judge: Jan Roger Sauge (Norway)


New photos of the first Spring walk  





New photos my the little sweetie Rózia - Desert Jewel. Ania thanks for lovely photos!


NEW photos!  Puppies at 7 weeks old 

Dodka- DESERT LIONESS Xilander (FCI)


Pyza - DESERT ROSE Xilander (FCI)


Florcia - DESERT FLOWER Xilander (FCI)


Rózia - DESERT JEWEL Xilander (FCI)


Ignaś - DESERT GOLD Xilander (FCI)


Bronuś - DESERT SAND Xilander (FCI)



NEW photos!  Puppies at 5 weeks old 



DESERT SAND Xilander (FCI) - Bronuś

DESERT GOLD Xilander (FCI) - Ignaś

DESERT LIONESS Xilander (FCI) - Doda

DESERT ROSE Xilander (FCI) - Pyzka

DESERT FLOWER Xilander (FCI) - Florcia

DESERT JEWEL Xilander (FCI) - Rózia


NEW photos!  Puppies at 3 weeks 


DESERT SAND Xilander (FCI) - Bronuś                        DESERT GOLD Xilander (FCI) - Ignaś

DESERT LIONESS Xilander (FCI) - Doda                      DESERT ROSE Xilander (FCI) - Pyzka

DESERT FLOWER Xilander (FCI) - Florcia                      DESERT JEWEL Xilander (FCI) - Rózia