New photos!  Puppies 9 days


Rózia, Florcia, Pyza, Ignaś, Doda, Bronek




We have puppies !!!!
Puppies were born on December 18, 2010.

We have 6 golden beauty: 2 boys and 4 girls. Mom and pups are doing well 

More in PUPPIES. 

1 day

5 day


With great pleasure I would like to inform that shortly before Christmas in my kennel I expect birth of the long awaited golden puppies from an unusual combination

My Lilly - Ch.Romania, Ch.Ukraine, Grand Ch.Ukraine, Ch. Poland, BOB, CACIB  IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) was mated the exceptionaly beautiful English dog with gorgeous and wonderful character - Int. Ch. France, Ch. Dutch, Ch. Luxembourg, Ch. Belgium, Ch. Swiss, Multi BIS, Multi BOG, CACIB x 20 Charbonnel DESERT GOLD (Danny) .

The breeding is inbreeding on one of the most succesful dog in England's breed history - Sh.Ch.GB Top Cocker 2000&2001 Charbonnel WARLORD. This realizes my breeding plans and fulfills my dreams
Special thanks go to Danielle & Patrice for enabling this mating!!!


C.I.B., Champion of France, Champion of Luxembourg, Champion of Belgium, Dutch Champion, Swiss Champion, Multi BIS, Multi BOG, CACIB x 20  Charbonnel DESERT GOLD

Champion of Romania, Champion of Ukraine, Grand Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Poland, BOB, CACIB  IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI)


What a wonderful weekend !!!

International Dog Show Hannover (Germany) - 30th October 2010

Judge: Walter Schicker (Germany)

IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) - excellent I, Anw.Dt.Ch. VDH

EZA Hezjoda - excellent I, Anw.Dt. Ch. VDH - she finished title Champion of Germany !!!


IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI)


EZA Hezjoda

International Dog Show Leuven (Belgium) - 31th October 2010

Judge: Csaba Zsolt Lokodi (Romania)

IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) - excellent I

EZA Hezjoda - excellent I, CAC, CACIB, BOB and II BOG !!! - she finished title Champion of Internationale Beauty (C.I.B.) !!!  

    IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI)                                                           EZA Hezjoda                  



16th October 2010.  At the Regional Hunting Trial in Wilcze Gardlo near Koronowo IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) had a real success and won a Diploma of III degree, and sixth place among fifteen competing dogs   We are very satisfied, but we will try again to get a better result




September 5, 2010. During the National Dog Show in Wloclawek Ivette Quattropedes (FCI) obtained her last 'CWC' and she finished Polish Champion. Moreover, she proved to be the best bitch in breed and gained the title Best of Sex Thus, not even been two years old, Ivette is already Champion of the three countries: Romania, Ukraine and Poland. Keep on going .




September 4, 2010.  Both of my bitches have participated in the Regional Trial Hunting in Brokowo near Kwidzyn. Eza Hezjoda had a real success and she won a Diploma of III degree, and third place
Ivette Quattropedes (FCI) has led us to the wild boar and finished the competition, just right behind her sister on the fourth position. Unfortunately she didn't receive sufficient number of points to obtain a diploma. We hope that the next time she will do better




Great news  from distant Estonia  .
 Children of my dog Int.Ch.Multi Ch. Doubtless Confide In Me born and of the bitch La'Sambelles Persona Grata (from the Estonian breeding
La'Sambelles)  launched successfully their exhibition careers.

La'Sambelles XENON shown in the junior class at the International Dog Show in Ozolnieki 2x CACIB in Latvia (12-13 June 2010). The first day he won JCAC and during the second day competition he obtain the note "excellent" and second place.  The 14th August 2010, at the National Dog Show of Rezekno (Latvia) he won another JCAC and BOB Junior!

La'Sambelles X-TIAGO participated the 5 June 2010 on the Specialist Estonian Spaniel exhibition and he won BOB Puppy!
Congratulations to Heleni - the breeder and owners

La'Sambelles XENON                                          La'Sambelles X-Tiago                   


National Dog Show Leipzig (Germany) - 22th August 2010

Judge: Herbert Klemann (Germany)

IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) - excellent I/2, Anw.Dt.Ch. VDH

EZA Hezjoda - excellent I, Anw.Dt. Ch. VDH, resCAC



International Dog Show Leipzig (Germany) - 21th August 2010

Judge: Andras Korózs (Hungary)

IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) - excellent I/3, Anw.Dt.Ch. VDH

EZA Hezjoda - excellent I, Anw.Dt. Ch. VDH, resCAC, resCACIB




Marion, Danuta thank you so much for the pictures and Milena for the beautiful presentation of my Lilly.


Herby I would like to inform you that at the end of 2010 I plain the perfect matching of my bitches - daughters Int. Ch. Multi Ch. Doubtless CONFIDE IN ME - with English breeding dogs from the best word`s recognized breeding lines.
If you are interested in purchasing the hight - quality exhibition dogs, do not hesitate to contact me.
More information coming soon.

Ch.PL Ch.RO Ch.UA BOB CACIB                            Ch.RO Ch.UA Grand Ch. UA BOB CACIB
  EZA Hezjoda                                                      IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI)


International Dog Show 2 x CACIB Moletai (Lithuania) 19 & 20 th June 2010

First day

Judge: Aleksandr Ivanov  (Russia)

IVETTE Quattropedes - excellent I, CAC

EZA Hezjoda - excellent I, CAC

Both of my girls started to Champion of Lithuania.


Second day

Judge: Malo Alcrudo Rafael (Spain)

IVETTE Quattropedes - excellent I, CAC

EZA Hezjoda - excellent I, CAC



International Dog Show Leszno (Poland) 5 th June 2010

Judge: Chris Hancock (Ireland)

IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) - excellent I/3, CWC

She received the most important application for Polish champion title - "big" CWC

EZA Hezjoda - this time.... only excellent II/4


National Dog Show Grudziądz (Poland) - 22th May 2010 

My Figaro - Doubtless CONFIDE IN ME - CWC, BOS, BOB & II BIS Working Dog

and my Lilly - IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) - CWC, BOS

and another Figaro's children:

FAKIR Herbu Dolega (mother ALFA Herbu Dolega) - Junior Winner

ARNOLD Rimmel (mother Manupi's LIGHT MY FIRE) - CWC

GINGER Hezjoda (mother JCh.PL Ch.PL VENUS Szczesliwa Trzynastka) - excellent II

FUGA Herbu Dołęga (mother ALFA Herbu Dolega) - excellent III

FLOWER OF ROSE Hezjoda (mother JCh.PL Ch.PL VENUS Szczesliwa Trzynastka) - excellent IV

AFRA Rimmel (mother ALFA Herbu Dolega) - excellent II

Congratulations for owners !!!


International Dog Show 2 x CACIB Lviv (Ukraine) 8 & 9 th May 2010

 First day

Judge: Stefan Popov  (Bulgaria)

 IVETTE Quattropedes - CAC = Champion of Ukraine !!!

EZA Hezjoda - CAC, res.CACIB = Champion of Ukraine !!!



Second day

Judge: Rita Kadike-Skadina (Latvia)

IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) - CAC = Grand Champion of Ukraine !!!

EZA Hezjoda - res.CAC, res.CACIB




We have black and golden puppies for sale!!!  Puppies born in kennel "Szczęśliwa Trzynastka". Father - my Int.Ch.Multi Ch. Doubtless CONFIDE IN ME, mother - Ch.PL SCARLETT Renmil.

         Marco                                              Melissa

Milord                                           Markiz


2 x International Dog Show Satu Mare (Romania) - 17 & 18 th April 2010

 What a wonderful weekend

17th April 2010

IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) - CAC, CACIB and BOB !!!

ARNOLD Rimmel - son of my Int.Ch.Multi Ch. Doubtless CONFIDE IN ME & Manupi's LIGHT MY FIRE - CAC - he started Champion of Romania !

18th April 2010

IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) - CAC, res.CACIB

EZA Hezjoda - CAC, CACIB i BOB !!!

IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI) and EZA Hezjoda - Champion of Romania !!!

IVETTE Quattropedes (FCI)

EZA Hezjoda

 ARNOLD Rimmel


3th April 2010 in Latvia in Speciality Show for Group VIIILa`Sambelles Xenon (son of my Int.Ch. Multi Ch. Doubtless Confide In Me & La'Sambelles Persona Grata) did great in his first show by being BIS Puppy! 



2 x National Dog Show Bydgoszcz (Poland) 13 and 14 th February 2010

IVETTE Quattropedes -  2 x excellent I/2, 2 x CWC
She started Champion of Poland 

 BLONDII Rimmel (after Manupi's LIGHT MY FIRE) - very promising I

National Dog Show 14 th February 2010

IVETTE Quattropedes


National Night Dog 13th February 2010

IVETTE Quattropedes


Truly Polish winter... Doubtless Confide In Me (Figaro) & Ivette Quattropedes (Lilly)